People across the country are organizing for equitable development.

This map and database document the work of thousands of accountable development organizations and activists across the US and Canada.

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Where does the data come from?

The spreadsheet that serves as the backbone of this Resource Center documents the work of thousands of “accountable development” activists across the US and Canada.  

It is based on firsthand interaction with activists on the ground, email and phone conversations, and media accounts. It is a living record of a grassroots movement organizing to improve our neighborhoods and our lives: over 350 campaigns in more than 80 cities.  And still gaining momentum.

This is not a database for scientific research.  While we try to be accurate, much of the information comes from journalists and individual coalition members with differing biases and understanding of the work.  

We try not to judge the outcomes.  The decisions coalitions make are the best ones they can, given the power that developers wield in most cities.  We hope these tools help us learn from each other, build stronger campaigns and win big for our communities.

We welcome your input.  We are constantly updating this spreadsheet.  Let us know what we missed, and forward information on new campaigns.  

Community Benefits Resources and their partners support communities organizing for better outcomes from new development, through the collaborative efforts of:

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